Friday, February 23, 2007

Joel's B Day

Joel, sporting his new BAMF sweatshirt from the group, cutting his birthday ice cream cake.

Today was a bit of an easy day. It also happened to be Coach Joel's birthday.
Joel slept in this morning, as we just had an easy 3000m choice at the pool. Nice and easy.

We had some blustery weather move in today, really windy, as we noticed when we went out for a 90 min cross ride. It was nice when we finally turned around to head back home, and had the wind at our back!!

We had a bit of a surprise party tonight, where we gave Joel a present, and had some cake.

We're off to Phoenix tomorrow for the Desert Duathlon on Sunday. Should be a competitive race, with prize money 7 deep on each side. I'm hoping I can get a bit of cash.

Next update Sunday night.

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