Monday, February 19, 2007

The Get Out Swim Day

This morning we had the opportunity to have Phil Wharton speak to us again. He was going to run through some more stretching routines, however, due to President's Day, the pool wasn't open at 6:30 when we got there.

Instead, we headed over to the coffee shop and Phil talked to us regarding nutrition. He went over the good nutrients that athletes must take in for optimal recovery, as well as vitamins,etc.

Here are a couple random points he gave us:

He didn't really like Whey protein. He suggested hemp protein, hemp seeds

He talked about Paula Radcliffe drinking it after each workout, lots of
greens (wheat grass, etc.) Hemoglobin and Chlorophyll are very similar in
structure - I think the only difference is their central atom (in hemoglobin
it's iron, whereas in chlorophyll it's magnesium).

He also said it's important to choose high alkaline foods post work-out to
balance the acidity in your body.

For the swim, Joel ended up giving us some goal times for 200's that we'd have to hit to get out of the last 2000m of the workout.
We warmed up with 600 swim, 8 X 50 drill
4 X 400 pull
Then 2 X 200 swim

Next was the get out 200. My get out time was 2:16.9

I felt great on the 200. I made the get out time, going 2:11 (1:04, 1:07). In fact, everyone made their get out times, so we all just warmed down afterwards.
Total workout was 3400m.

A 60' spin on the trainer ended the day. This week is toned down a bit, as we're racing the Desert Duathlon this Sunday down in Phoenix.

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