Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday

Well...the Bears just couldn't do it tonite. I guess Rex was playing for Indy or something to that degree.

We ran a squares pool here, and Kirsten won $45 of the $50 in the pot. She got lucky with the missed FG at the half, and Peyton's decision not to kick a FG at the end of the game.

Today was our long run of the week, 1:50.

We headed halfway down to Sedona, parked and headed out running. We started out up the main road, and then dipped into a side trail. It was a bit muddy, so Kyle, Jill and I turned around and let Simon, Adam and Jordan go that way. We came back to the car, dropped off our pants (it was warm, and shorts were the only thing needed). from there we ran down another trail and continued running downhill for 43' (close to 1000 ft change in elevation) before turning around the head home. Coming back was tough, uphill the whole way. I tried to keep my HR in my long run zone (165 bpm)

We headed back up to Flag, had a bit of food, and it was off to the pool for our bumped up swim so we could watch Super Bowl later on.

5100m in the pool, broken up as follows:

300 swim, 200 kick

5 X 300 pull with band w. 20" rest
5 X 300 pull w. 20" rest
5 X 300 swim w. 20" rest

100 easy

The group came over for Super Bowl, a good time watching the game. I exhibited outstanding willpower and stayed away from the beer, even though Simon brought over some beers for the game (I think he did this to tease me) :)
I made my Joe Wray beans for the game, Kyle, Colin and Adam had some and enjoyed them. The whole group got to enjoy them in the 4th Q as I had some world class gas!

Tomorrow is a recovery day, 3000m swim and a 40' run.

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