Thursday, February 15, 2007


A busy/tough past couple of days.

Wednesday :

We started out the day with a 6000m swim.

400 swim, 400 pull, 8 X 50 drill, 400 Kick
2000 swim, descend by 500
100 easy
10 X 100 on 1:40 (50 build, 50 easy)
2 X 500 (1 pull, 1 swim)
300 easy

We were supposed to head down to Sedona for the workouts, but it was raining down in Sedona, so we opted to stay in Flag, and do Thursday's treadmill workout instead, and head to Sedona on Thursday.

The treadmill workout was 80' as
20' warm-up
3 X 3' @ 9.5mph/1% incline w. 3' easy jog in between
4 X 2' @ 10.0mph/1% incline w. 3' easy jog in between
5 X 1' @ 10.0mph/3% incline w. 1.5' easy jog in between
10' warm-down

That's a really good workout, a tough one! That'll have to be a keeper.
The last workout was an easy 1000 swim to loosen up.


An easy swim this morning, 3000m mixed. Nice and easy, just get in, and get it done.

We then headed down to Sedona for our workouts.

A 90' negative split ride, straight into a 65' run (40' easy, 15' tempo, 10' easy)
The ride went well, felt pretty strong today. The power numbers for the 45' hard effort (280W) were higher than the last time we did the workout, which is a good thing. The run on the other hand wasn't so good.

My legs were fried once we got to the run. In addition, I was having a few stomach problems on the run, even a quick pit stop didn't help too much. Oh well, it's over with.

Tomorrow is a long swim, an easy cross ride, and an easy run. There will be an Epsom salt afterwards as well.

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