Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TT session

another view further down into the Crater from saturday's ride

a photo of the map showing the National Monument area we rode in.

Wed turned out to be a tough day! A 6000m swim that included some fast pulling (felt good today after yesterday's disaster).

500 choice
9 X 100 (kick, drill, swim X 3)
40 X 50 on 50' every 5th fast
200 easy
4 X (400 pull, 100 easy) (5:10,5:00,4:55,4:45)
200 kick, 200 easy

The last 400 pull was a fast one...held on until 200, then fell off a bit. Simon and Kyle went 4:37...smokin!

Next up was the workout of the day, a 2.5hr ride, with 2 X 8km TT efforts. We rode a rolling course, with a breeze out of the south (into our faces for the climbs).

I ended up riding slightly faster on the 2nd round, maybe I knew how to pace a bit better?

1st round: 12:40, 38.5km/hr, 313W
2nd round: 12:35, 38.8km/hr, 323W

Joel then "allowed" us to do another 8km loop, this time as a team TT. It was Simon, Kyle, and Colin setting the pace, with me hanging on for as long as possible, same with Kirsten. Kirsten fell off as we were flying down the highway, and I fell off once off the highway and into the climb at the end. I ended up coming across about 15 seconds behind the three....I was shattered after that.

An easy 30' run was the last workout of the day.

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