Monday, February 12, 2007


Boy was I stiff on Sunday.
That 5km took a bit more out of my legs than I thought it would.

An EASY 30' run sunday morning to flush the legs out, a 90' cross ride in the rain, and a 5000m swim to end the day. I don't remember too much of the swim, other than the fact that there was lots of pull involved.

Today turned out to be a bit of a recovery day as well. 3000m this morning in the pool as follows:

400 mix
8X50 kick
8X25 swim
2X 400 IM
8X25 swim
800 Pull
200 easy

The group did blood work after the swim to monitor the effects of the altitude on the body thus far. We all went out for breakfast afterwards, and the last workout of the day was a 60' spin on the trainer.

Watched 24 tonight, it's about time it started to get interesting.

Tomorrow we are back to some harder training...the rest of the week is pretty solid.

Swim 5000m
Cross ride 2.5-3hr
Run 50' easy

Swim 6000m
Ride 90' neg split in Sedona
into a 65' transition tempo run

Swim 3000m
Run 80' on treadmill
Swim 1000m post run

Swim 6000m
Ride 90' cross
Run 50' easy

Ride 4hrs
Run 50' easy

Run 2hrs
Swim 5000m

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