Monday, February 26, 2007

Desert Duathlon

Well....the first race of the year is over first. Let me start off by stating my dislike for duathlons. I mean, come on, where's the swim?

This was a great race to open the season, with 13 elite men toeing the line. Included in this group was last year's 3rd place male, Lewis Elliot, as well as our group from Flag. The race distances were 5.34km/33km/4.56km

It was a bit chilly at the start, about 8 C. The first run started out quick, but I managed to catch a couple of the guys that started out a bit too quick, coming into T1 in 7th place, 1:10 down on Simon and Kyle, and 15 sec down on Colin. The beginning of the ride was rough, with it taking a bit of time to get the legs going. Jordan went flying by and the way to the fastest bike split, and riding his way from 8th after the first run to leading off the bike with a 25 sec lead on Simon. I entered T2 in 7th place, and tried desperately to hold on to the last money spot, but got caught with about a km to go, ending up 8th, 8 seconds out of some $$.

1st Simon 17:19/50:32/14:32 1:23:47
2nd Jordan 18:46/48:30/15:32 1:24:23
4th Kyle 17:26/51:57/14:25 1:25:10
5th Colin 18:16/51:05/14:46 1:25:28
8th Dano 18:32/54:24/15:30 1:29:43

On the women's side, everyone was in the money. Kirsten came 2nd, Natasha 4th, and Jill 5th.

Results to the race can be found here.

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