Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sedona Race

Friday was a short 3km swim, a 40' run with 6-8 X 50m strides, and a 60' easy high cadence spin on the bike.

Now, onto today's festivities.

We headed down to Sedona to run in the 2nd annual Sedona Marathon.

Simon, Adam, Jordan, and Jill ran the half marathon, while Kyle, Colin, Kirsten and myself ran the 5km.

We received free entry into the race in exchange for some Q&A with the local press. We answered some Q's for the local paper, the Sedona Red Rock News. They did a good write up on the event, and the group, unfortunately they don't have a link to the story up yet. If I can get a copy, I'll try to get it on here.

It turned out to be a great day to run. Joel told us not to expect much more than a hard effort of running today. No fast times were expected, as a result of the altitude (4500 ft) and the fact that we were slightly tired this week.

It was a great day all around in both the Half and the 5km. Simon and Adam dueled it out at the front in the half, finishing within 1' of each other, and Jordan ran to a solid 5th place finish. Jill took the women's overall win, finishing 6th overall.

1st Simon Whitfield 1:13:06
2nd Adam Campbell 1:13:53
5th Jordan Rapp 1:20:42

1st Jill Savege 1:23:17

Link to results here.

The 5km went off 5' after the half marathon runners, which in hindsight, wasn't the greatest idea. Within 2', we were catching up to the tail end of the half marathon, and we ran the first 3km weaving in and out of all the runners. We went 1-2-3 on the men's side, and Kirsten took the women's overall win (7th overall)

1st Kyle Jones 15:44
2nd Colin Jenkins 16:22
3rd Daniel Wells 17:07

1st Kirsten Sweetland 18:34

Links to 5km results here.

Overall, I'm happy with the 5km time this early in the season. went through mile 1 in 5:11, missed the 2 mile split, and went through 3 miles in 16:31.

We warmed up for 20' and did a cool-down run of 40' after the race.

The day finished with a 90' ride in Sedona, the legs were a bit stiff.

Here's a course profile of the 5km, that climb in the last mile was a killer!

There were lots of photo's taken during the race (none by Joel unfortunately as he was out on the course on his bike) but once the race photos are put on-line, I'll try to get some up. They should be posted by Sunday night.

I've run some altitude adjustments based off the NCAA guidelines for the race elevation and these would be the rough equivalent sea level times

Kyle: 15:22
Colin: 16:00
Dano: 16:44
Kirsten: 18:08

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Anonymous said...

Killer last mile? Dude you went up like just over 100 feet!