Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blow Up

It'll be a quick blog tonite, I'm beat from the ride.

Easy 30' run this AM to wake up, loaded up the trailer later with the bikes and headed down to Sedona for a warmer ride.

Out along Hwy 89A towards Cottonwood, Clarkdale, then the climb up towards Jerome. We ended up climbing 15km (48') through Jerome and continuing up the Hwy towards Prescott. Jordan, Kyle, and Colin went off the front, and I just tried to stay on Simon's wheel. Going through Jerome was amazing....a little tourist town, tight roads, great feeling riding through it. From Jerome, we could see Flagstaff to the North.

Once we reached the top, we grabbed some warmer clothes from Adam who provided support on the ride (Thx Adam), re-filled the bottles, and began the fun descent down.

Stats from the climb:

approx 15km
48 min
294 W average power

I had a feeling that climb was going to come back and hurt me later in the ride, and I was right. At about 82km or so, I fell off the back of the group, TT'd behind Adam in the car as he pulled me back up to the group, and then fell off for good around 85km. It was a long, lonely ride back into Sedona for me! I was a hurting unit.

Total ride was 3:31, 104km, avg power 202 W, 29.4km/hr

Dinner, Epsom salt bath, and bed.

Sunday brings a 1:50 run followed by a 5km swim at 12:30. We moved the swim up from 4pm, so we can watch the Super Bowl. I'll be cheering for Da Bears.

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j-mo said...

"48 mins @ 294 W"
... nice climb!